2 February 2014

Paint Pops - Frozen Paint Craft

Paint Pops. The perfect way to use up paint or just to have a brush free (and fun) craft activity for kids.

This was fun, simple and kept the children occupied! Everything you want in a good craft. ;)

To do this craft, you will need:
- empty ice tray
- acrylic paints
- paddle pops sticks
- paper
- glitter (optional)
- mini foil trays (optional, makes larger paint pops)
- paint smock/apron

1. Squirt the paint into the ice trays or foil trays.
2. Place a paddle pop stick into the centre (or lay from the side into the centre for foil trays).
3. Put them in the freezer until solid. Make sure they are laying flat to avoid spills.
4. When frozen allow to slightly thaw for a few minutes (depends on the temperature where you are), then paint just like you would with a brush.

Our children absolutely loved this craft. We let them help squirt in the paint one day/ paint the next, so they had twice the fun doing this. :)

This was better than using brushes, particularly because each paint had its own stick and it helped them not 'smoosh' the colours together in a paint tray with the same brush and muddy the colours.

My only warning is; they look good enough to eat, so be sure to let your children know they are not edible. ;)

Have fun!
If you try this craft, be sure to leave a comment below and let us know what you thought!


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